How Do I Get Rid of Potato Bugs in My House?

To eliminate potato bugs in your home, clear up unnecessary debris, reduce the moisture in the home and seal off entry points that allow pests to get inside. Also known as pillbugs, potato bugs seek areas high in moisture, and they tend to live under items on damp ground.

  1. Clear up the area around your house

    Keep piles of mulch and compost at least 10 yards away from the exterior of your home, as they are the type of damp, warm place that attracts potato bugs. Move piles of wood, cinder blocks, extra bricks and other debris away as well, as moisture tends to collect between those objects and the soil beneath, luring potato bugs.

  2. Check downspouts to ensure proper drainage around the house

    Look at the downspouts on your guttering to make sure they do not leak. Add extra sections to the end that carry water farther away from your house, particularly if water is pooling at the bottom of the downspouts, as potato bugs love that moisture. Add splash blocks at the end of your downspouts as well to keep water from pooling.

  3. Repair any leaks affecting the exterior or crawlspace

    Check your outdoor spigots and any plumbing leading into crawlspaces to make sure that there are no leaks. Place a dehumidifier and/or a sump pump in your crawlspace if moisture tends to gather there.

  4. Protect your foundation from potato bugs

    Check the outside foundation wall for any niches or cracks, and seal them. Add thresholds or door sweeps on all entry doors, and caulk the outside bottom edges and sides of thresholds at those doors.