How Do You Get Rid of Pincher Bugs?

To get rid of pincher bugs, also known as earwigs, get rid of the places that they like to hide and build a zone of at least six inches around the entire house so that pincher bugs don't come to the house. Pincher bugs often hide in logs, landscape timbers and firewood.

Pincher bugs also head for moisture, which is why you often find them in the laundry room, bathroom or kitchen. This is why it's important to make a dry zone around the house. Move any dead leaves, mulch or other organic substances away. If you have bushes or trees that create shady, moist areas by the house, cut them back. Turn downspouts so that they send moisture away from your foundation, and run your sprinklers first thing in the morning so that the yard dries out during the day.

If you have outdoor lights, point them from the yard to the house, because the light draws the insects away. If you can't move light fixtures, change out the white light bulbs for yellow ones, because yellow ones don't draw as many insects. Put a dehumidifier out in any moist spaces, particularly basements. If these tips don't end the infestation, contact a pest control professional.