How Do You Get Rid of Pantry Bugs?


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To get rid of pantry bugs, place all the food in sealable containers, clean up all the remains of food, such as crumbs and spills, thoroughly vacuum all the shelves, and throw out the infected products. After that, place pheromone beetle traps around the house in locations heavily infested. Use insecticide aerosols if necessary to prevent pantry bugs from coming back in the house.

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Before starting to get rid of bugs, examine all surfaces and products in the pantry to determine the areas attracting the bugs. Pay extra attention to cracks and small holes in the walls and shelves, as many bugs can be hiding there. If unsure if a particular container with food is infected by pantry bugs, place it in an airtight container, and leave it there for one month. All bugs and their eggs should die during this period of time.

Some insecticide aerosols are Alpine PT, Phantom and Microcare. Never apply insecticides if there is food around to avoid poisoning it. The best way to use an insecticide aerosol is to clean up all the shelves, pantries and other areas using cleaners, coat all the surfaces with the insecticide, and then place the food in sealed containers back in the pantry. Some insecticide aerosols are also useful against other pests, such as ants.

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