How Do I Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs?

How Do I Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs?

Get rid of palmetto bugs by applying poison, either as an insecticide or a natural option, calling an exterminator and making the home an inhospitable environment for them. Smashing or flushing the pests are also viable options.

  • Apply an insecticide
  • Kill palmetto bugs by using an insecticide. Sprays and granular powders are available. Consider spreading powder outside the home, along the edges of walls and cabinets and along cracks where signs of the pests are visible. When a bug is detected, spray it with an insecticide designed to kill palmetto bugs on contact.

  • Use boric acid
  • Alternately, for those who prefer not to use insecticides, apply boric acid in the same locations as granular powders. Boric acid is commonly called Borax, and can be purchased at grocery stores in the laundry section. Just as with pesticides, use caution not to inhale the powder, and do not use it around children and pets.

  • Call a professional
  • To get rid of all palmetto bugs, not just the visible ones, call a professional pest control company. With a variety of baits and other treatments, professionals can stop the current infestation and prevent future bug problems.

  • Keep things clean
  • In addition to killing palmetto bugs, keeping a clean home will also help to deter them. Don't let trash or food pile up, dry up any standing water in the sinks, and don't leave newspapers stacked up in the garage. Also, make sure to keep floors and cabinets clean, and vacuum often.