How Do I Get Rid of Onion Grass in My Yard?

To remove onion grass, also known as wild grass, from your yard, there are multiple techniques that you can use. These techniques include pulling the grass out to the roots with your hands, mowing your yard and spraying the onion grass with herbicides. Each of these methods should take no more than an hour to execute, and you will need gardening gloves, a trowel, a lawn mower and an effective herbicide.

  1. Pull out the onion grass

    Put on a thick pair of gardening gloves, and begin pulling the onion grass out by the root. This is a laborious method to get rid of onion grass, and you might leave some bulbs behind that will grow new leaves. For the best results, use a trowel to fully remove the bulbs.

  2. Mow the onion grass

    Mowing the onion grass will not kill it. However, consistent mowing makes the plants weaker and often prevents them from seeding. Mowing may also improve the uptake of a herbicide.

  3. Use herbicide sprays

    Because wild onions have thin, glossy leaves, it is hard for herbicides to stick to the plants. Treat the area with herbicides after mowing for the best results. Spray the weeds in November and again in late winter or early spring to prevent them from creating new bulbs.