How Do You Get Rid of Nut Grass?


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Removed nut grass by either by removing the weed plants entirely, including their root systems, or by poisoning the weeds individually with a spray-on weed killer. Combining both methods also works without damaging other plants significantly.

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  1. Remove the plants

    Use a spade to dig a circle around the nut grass weed. Dig a hole with a circumference of 6 inches around the stalk of the weed that extends about 16 inches in depth. The depth of the hole depends on the size of the root system and should extend beneath the deepest roots to ensure that the entire system is removed. Pull the plant from the soil, and remove it entirely from the property. Do not attempt to mulch nut grass.

  2. Replace the soil

    Fill the hole in the ground that contained the nut grass plant with new soil. Tamp the soil down solidly as you fill the hole to make certain that the surface of the lawn remains level. Plant new grass as needed to fill in the circular bald spot in the lawn.

  3. Spray the weeds

    Watch the lawn for any emergence of nut grass. Spray the new weeds with an herbicide specifically developed for nut grass; this kills the new weeds and prevents new ones from forming.

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