How Do You Get Rid of a Musty Smell in a Cedar Chest?

Remove the musty smell from a cedar chest to make it useful again. Use a putty knife, 60-grit sandpaper and plastic bags to remove any mold growth. Use cedar oil to prevent growth of mold and further restore the natural cedar smell.

  1. Check for and remove mold

    If the musty smell is due to mold growing in the cedar chest, take steps to eliminate the mold. Wear personal protective gear, including a respirator, safety glasses and long rubber gloves. Work outside when cleaning mold. Use a wide-blade putty knife to remove any mold from the surface. Sweep any mold into a plastic bag. Do not use a vacuum to prevent the spread of the mold to other surfaces.

  2. Sand to remove stains and restore cedar smell

    Use 60-grit sandpaper to remove any remaining stains left from the mold. Lightly sand the inside of the wood to reveal fresh cedar wood and restore the natural odor to the inside of the chest.

  3. Treat with cedar oil

    Dilute cedar oil with water according to the package directions. Lightly spray the inside of the cedar chest with the oil, and leave it open to dry. The oil enhances the scent of the chest and stops mold growth.