How Do You Get Rid of Muskrats?

How Do You Get Rid of Muskrats?

Get rid of muskrats by removing any food sources, fencing in ponds or small bodies of water, preventing burrowing and filling in current burrows. You need 1-inch hardware mesh, a lawnmower and soil.

  1. Remove food sources

    Remove or eliminate the muskrat's food sources. This includes cattails, water lilies and other plants located near or in the water.

  2. Fence in ponds

    Build a fence from 1-inch mesh around ponds or other bodies of water. Make sure to bury the fence at least 1 foot into the bank of the pond to prevent the animal from burrowing under it. It only needs to be 2 feet tall.

  3. Prevent burrowing

    Take measures to prevent the muskrat from burrowing, such as keeping the weeds and grass around water banks mowed and short. This animal prefers ground cover for its burrowing. Line the bank with fine mesh or dig a trench in the bank and fill it with a cement mixture. Both of these methods prevent the muskrat from burrowing in the banks.

  4. Fill in the current burrows

    Search for muskrat burrows. When you find one, fill it in with soil or gravel. Place rock on top to keep the muskrat from digging it up again.