How Do You Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Grass?


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To get rid of mushrooms in a yard, cut existing mushrooms, eliminate organic matter and boost drainage. The fungi that produce mushrooms after a soaking rain are already present in a yard, but it is possible to eliminate existing mushrooms and prevent new ones from growing.

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  1. Cut off the existing mushrooms

    Use a pair of hedge trimmers to remove mushrooms as close to the ground as possible if you don't like the way they look. Avoid trenching into the ground to attack the fungus below, since the fungus is not harmful, and doing so leaves unsightly spots in the yard.

  2. Eliminate organic matter in the yard

    Pick up pet waste in the yard two or three times a week, as waste left in the yard over time often leads to the formation of mushrooms. Since fungi also break down dead wood, have old stumps removed from the yard to stave off mushroom development.

  3. Boost drainage in the yard

    If there is more than a half-inch excess of thatch in the yard, remove it with a rake, since thatch allows moisture to linger in the soil longer and leads to mushroom development. Aerate the lawn by using an aerator to pull plugs from the soil to loosen the dirt and move water down into the lawn's root system.

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