How Do You Get Rid of a Mouse?

How Do You Get Rid of a Mouse?

To get rid of a mouse, locate where it lives, set snap traps and seal any access points in the home. Prevent mice from returning by keeping the home free of clutter, storing food properly and moving outdoor attractants. This can be easy or difficult, depending on the infestation.

  1. Locate the mouse

    To locate where the mouse may be living, spread baby powder on the ground in areas where it has been spotted. Follow the footprints to the mouse's location.

  2. Set traps

    Set up as many as 10 snap traps near a mouse hole. Use a quality trap with a sensitive trigger to kill the mouse as humanely as possible. Wear gloves when setting them to prevent a human scent.

  3. Seal holes and cracks

    To block off the mouse's entry and exit points, fill in any cracks or crevices. Install door sweeps and thresholds if necessary.

  4. Get rid of clutter

    Clean up any areas where mice can hide. Put all food items in airtight containers. Elevate wood, trash or compost piles, and move them at least 6 feet from the house. Avoid feeding other wild animals, such as birds or squirrels. Keep pet food stored in a solid container that cannot be chewed.