How Do You Get Rid of Moths in a House?


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Getting rid of moths requires homeowners to attack them at the source with natural remedies and to vacuum everywhere in their homes. Natural remedies that work against moths include lavender, mint and cedar, according to frugal living expert Erin Huffstetler.

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How Do You Get Rid of Moths in a House?
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When a home has become infested with moths, it's important to vacuum, as moths leave behind moth eggs, which are easily hidden under furniture, in carpet and in the corners of cabinets. If moths are found in cabinets, throw out any grain-based products that were inside them. Moth larvae often work their way into grain-based products to make homes.

Cedar wood acts as a natural moth repellent. This is one of the reasons some chests and closets are lined with cedar. Putting cedar blocks and chips, which can be purchased from home improvement stores, inside non-cedar closets and chests has the same effect. Cedar loses its scent over time, along with its repellent affect. Sanding down the cedar often brings back its scent. If this has no effect, cedar oil applied to the wood also works.

To use mint as a moth repellent, dry a few leaves and place them in a sachet. The leaves can also be placed loose in areas where homeowners don't want moths. Like cedar wood, mint loses its ability to repel moths over time and needs to be replaced once it loses its scent.

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