How Do You Get Rid of Moths?


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The most effective way to get rid of moths is to combine various methods to ensure removal of both adults and larvae. Locate the main area of infestation, and use traps to eliminate adults. Vacuum regularly to clean up the larvae, wash everything stored in the area, and clean the affected area thoroughly.

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  1. Find the main area

    Find out where the moths are living. They are attracted to dark spaces like basements, attics, closets, cupboards and drawers. They typically cause a great deal of damage where they are hiding.

  2. Clean and launder the area

    Empty the space of clothing, suitcases and towels, and have them laundered. Then, clean the afflicted area, focusing on the cracks and crevices where eggs can be laid and hidden. Suitcases and bags can hide more larvae and eggs, especially in their hard-to-reach pockets. Until the moth infestation is dealt with, keep the closet or room as empty as possible to cut off potential food sources.

  3. Kill the adults and larvae

    Get rid of adults by setting traps and pesticides. Vacuum the area every day until the infestation is gone, emptying the bag regularly to remove the larvae. If you want to avoid using chemicals, eliminate the food or breeding grounds.

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