How Do You Get Rid of a Moth Infestation in the Pantry?


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To get rid of pantry moths, clean the pantry thoroughly, discard expired food and place all food in airtight containers. Install pheromone-based moth traps in the pantry, and check other areas of the home for larvae and moths.

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Thoroughly clean the entire pantry by vacuuming the shelving, walls and floors. After vacuuming, clean all surfaces, including the outside of food containers, with white vinegar. Moth larvae can also live in other areas of the home and are typically found in dark corners near the ceiling. Remove any moth larvae immediately, and vacuum the area or clean it with warm, soapy water.

Remove the vacuum cleaner bag, place it in a garbage bag, and dispose of it in a garbage bin outside the home. Store pet food in a separate area in airtight containers, and do not purchase large quantities of grains or other food products while treating an infestation. Store smaller amounts of grains or other food products in the refrigerator or freezer until the moth infestation is treated and controlled.

Prevent recurring infestations by cleaning regularly and storing food properly. Another option to deter pantry moths is to add several drops of citronella, eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil to the vinegar while cleaning.

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