How Do You Get Rid of Moss?

How Do You Get Rid of Moss?

There are several ways to effectively get rid of moss on lawns and these methods include a combination of the following: allowing more sunlight to shine on the lawn, manual removal of the moss, aerating the lawn and adding lime and fertilizer to the lawn. While using commercial moss killer is a quick and easy way to get rid of the moss, it will eventually grow back. Adjusting the conditions of the lawn to make it harder and even prevent moss growth will provide a more lasting solution to the problem.

The following shows ways to control and prevent moss growth on the lawn:

Letting in more sunlight

  1. Moss thrives in shaded areas. Determine the source of the shade where the patches of moss are growing.
  2. Make adjustments to allow sunlight to  shine on the moss patch.
  3. Prune branches on trees and shrubs that are casting too much shade.

Remove the moss

  1. Rake off the moss as well as any lawn  thatch.
  2. For more stubborn moss, use iron-based moss killing compounds. Iron compounds also promote the growth of grass.

Aerate the lawn

  1. Since moss loves damp areas, aerating the lawn will help dry up damp areas on the lawn.
  2. Make adjustments for better water drainage on the lawn.

Add fertilizer

  1. Fertilizer will make the grass healthier thus giving it a better chance against invasive moss.
  2. Use high nitrogen fertilizer and treat the lawn during spring and autumn.

It is also a good idea to use a higher setting on the lawn mower as grass that is more than 2 inches high helps to  deter invasive moss growth.