How Do You Get Rid of Moles in the Yard?


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Rid a yard of moles by spreading castor oil granules over the lawn. Water the granules so they completely dissolve and release their smell. Spread the granules in a manner that directs the moles toward the exit of the property.

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How Do You Get Rid of Moles in the Yard?
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  1. Spread the granules

    Fill a spreader with a mixture made of castor oil granules, corncob granules and soap bits. Set the spreader to the setting with the lowest application rate. Roll the spreader over a third of the area that you want cleared out.

  2. Water the granules

    Water the granules until the area is soaked, and allow them to sit. Continue with the next steps a couple of days later.

  3. Spread more granules

    Continue with steps one and two until you have covered the entire yard. In doing so, you’ll direct the moles in the direction you want them to go.

  4. Cover the garden and flower beds

    Fill a hand-held spreader, and set it to the lowest application rate and spread the granules over any garden or flowerbeds in the yard. Water, and allow the granules of dissolve. Get in-between difficult areas by putting on some gloves and spreading out the granules by hand, making sure to spread them evenly.

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