How Do You Get Rid of Mole Crickets?

There are two common ways to get rid of mole crickets, natural methods or chemicals. The most effective method depends on the season and the life stage of the insect.

In the early spring, when the insects are still in the nymph stage of their life cycle, getting rid of them with soapy water is the best plan. Pouring a solution of two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid mixed in a gallon of water on the ground in areas of 1 to 2 square feet typically kills insects in this developmental stage. It is best to do this in the early morning or late evening.

If adult mole crickets are present, introducing predator insects, such as nematodes or crabronid wasps is a good way to control the population. This is best done in the early spring or fall.

If chemical eradication is an option, applying an insecticide such as Merit during the early-to-mid summer months kills adult mole crickets. It is best to moisten the surface before applying any chemical insecticide and apply it when the outside temperature is 60 degrees or above. The moisture and warmth is inviting to the crickets and encourages them to come to the surface where the chemicals are.