How Do You Get Rid of Mold on Windowsills?

Getting rid of mold on a windowsill is a relatively simple process that you can complete in varying amounts of time depending on the size of the surface. To complete the process, you need gloves, a tarp, a dust mask, sandpaper, some rags, bleach, water and a brush.

  1. Prepare yourself and the area

    Put your dust mask on to avoid breathing in any dangerous airborne mold spores. Place the tarp on the floor surrounding your window. This allows you to prevent any mold spores from becoming embedded in the floor.

  2. Open and scrub the windowsill

    Open the window in order to ventilate your workspace and allow the windowsill to air-dry more easily later on. Mix together one part bleach to three parts of water, and use your brush to scrub down any areas with mold. It is okay if there are a few stains that are too difficult to remove from the mold completely.

  3. Let the windowsill dry and sand it down

    Leave the window open, and allow the windowsill to dry completely. Once it dries completely, rinse away any residue with a water-soaked rag. Allow the surface to dry before sanding down any areas that still have mold stains.