How do you get rid of mold in an air conditioner?


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To get rid of mold in an air conditioner, detach the front plate, remove the grill plate, dust the conditioner with a brush and a rag, use a degreaser, and wash the conditioner down with warm water. Take care not to expose the electrical system of the conditioner to moisture.

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  1. Remove the filter and grill plate

    Unscrew the front plate filter from the conditioner, then pull out the grill plate. Remove any metal coverings to access the inside of the conditioner.

  2. Dust and wash the conditioner

    Rub dust from the inner part of the conditioner with a brush, and wipe away any residue with a clean, dry rag. When rubbing, take care to reach all the crevices while being careful not to damage the delicate parts of the system. Apply degreaser, allow the degreaser to set for 15 minutes, and then wash the inside with warm water.

  3. Vacuum the conditioner, and replace the filter and grill plate

    Vacuum the remnants of dirt and mold spores from the system, and blot the conditioner to remove any excess water from the degreasing process. Put the plate and filter back securely, and run and test the conditioner in case of any other issues.

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