How Do You Get Rid of Mites?

How Do You Get Rid of Mites?

To get rid of spider mites, discard infested leaves, dislodge the mites with water, spray the plants with rosemary oil, and water them often. The supplies you need for this process are gloves, plastic bags, water, rosemary essential oil, a hose, a spray nozzle, a sponge and a spray bottle.

  1. Remove infested leaves

    Put on gardening gloves, and examine your exterior plants. Remove dead and heavily infested leaves, put them in a plastic bag, and tie it tightly. Put the bag in a trash can. Examine your houseplants, and discard those with heavy infestations.

  2. Dislodge the mites with water

    Attach a spray nozzle to a garden hose, and use it to blast the mite-infested plants. The pressurized water knocks the mites off of the leaves. Dislodge mites on houseplants by wiping the leaves with a wet sponge.

  3. Apply diluted rosemary essential oil

    Fill a spray bottle with water, and add several drops of rosemary essential oil. Shake the bottle, and saturate the plant leaves with the mixture. Apply the solution to the leaves of all indoor and outdoor plants.

  4. Water the plants

    Water the affected plants thoroughly, and monitor them for additional mites. Water the plants regularly, especially in dry weather, as moisture reduces their vulnerability to mite damage.