How Do You Get Rid of Mildew Smell?


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Get rid of mildew smells by removing moisture, cleaning the area well and deodorizing the air. Fresh air and sunlight help to dry items out and kill mildew, and they also help to make the area smell clean again.

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  1. Remove moisture

    Mildew smells come from items that contain moisture. Get rid of the mildew and the smell by drying wet items. Run a dehumidifier in a room, pick up damp towels and rugs, or dry up standing water. Sometimes simply removing the moisture stops mildew smells.

  2. Clean the area

    To kill mildew left behind, clean the area thoroughly. Mix together boric acid, vinegar, peroxide and water, and scrub the previously damp areas with a sponge or brush dipped in the solution. Soak clothes and towels in vinegar, then launder with regular detergent.

  3. Deodorize the air

    Sprinkle baking soda on floors to deodorize the air and dry up any remaining moisture. Activated charcoal, in the form of plain charcoal briquettes, absorb odors in the air, leaving it fresh and clean-smelling. Be careful not let the briquettes stain the floor or walls. Zeolite is also an all-natural mineral that absorbs foul smells without using a masking perfume to remove the odors. Open up windows to let fresh air naturally deodorize the air. Hanging clothes or towels outside takes advantage of the sun and air to finish removing the mildew smell.

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