How Do You Get Rid of a Mice Problem?

How Do You Get Rid of a Mice Problem?

Getting rid of mice once they have infested a house requires traps and knowledge of mice habits. Kill traps, poison and live-capture traps are all effective ways to eliminate mice. The use of the traps must be done in conjunction with sealing food sources and places mice can travel through.

The first thing a homeowner should do is ensure that his home is infested by mice. Many creatures can infest a home, and they require different tactics to handle. Droppings, holes in the walls, tracks and consumption of food are all evidence of a mouse infestation.

All potential food sources should be sealed away once the mouse infestation is confirmed. Put human food and garbage into tightly sealed glass or metal containers, and keep countertops, sinks and kitchen floors clean to reduce the mice's access to food.

Mouse entry and access points should be identified and eliminated once food sources have been eliminated. Mice can fit into spaces the size of a small coin and are capable of chewing through most household materials. Placing traps near the access points and food sources is an excellent way to capture mice. Move the traps periodically to keep the mice from learning where they are.

Seal mouse entry points by placing steel wool in the holes and securing the steel wool in place with sealant or cement. All of these elements should combine to make the home an inhospitable place for mice to live.