How Do You Get Rid of Mice Naturally?

To get rid of mice naturally, eliminate their entry points, food sources and bedding supplies, then use peppermint oil and moth balls to repel them. If all else fails, get a cat.

  1. Prevent mice from entering the home

    Locate areas of entry for mice. Typical entry spots include dog doors, attics, chimneys and areas that are not properly sealed. Use caulk, weather-stripping and stainless steel pads to close any gaps.

  2. Get rid of food sources

    Eliminate all food sources for the mice. Store all food in air-tight containers. Wipe down counters, and sweep floors to eliminate crumbs. Pick up spilled pet food. Empty the trash every night.

  3. Eliminate bedding for the mice

    Get rid of all old newspapers and magazines. Store bedding and other cloth items in air-tight containers.

  4. Use peppermint oil to repel rodents

    Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil. Place the cotton balls in the corners of cabinets and the pantry. Add the oil to household cleaners to disperse the scent. Mice do not like the smell of peppermint oil.

  5. Repel mice with moth balls

    Place several moth balls inside an old nylon. Tie the top tightly. Hang the nylon in attics or in front of vents through which mice might enter.

  6. Get a cat

    The most natural method for eliminating mice is to get their natural predator as a pet -- a cat. When mice smell a cat, they flee the premises. Those who do not get caught by the cat.