How Do You Get Rid of Mice in an Apartment?


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To get rid of mice in an apartment, contact the building owner, if the apartment is rented, to make arrangements for an exterminator. Owners who wish to tackle the problem immediately should set traps to catch the mice, and make any needed repairs to prevent additional pests from entering the home. Eliminating mice may take several weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation.

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  1. Contact the manager or building owner

    The owner or manager typically provides pest control services to tenants. If the exterminator appointment is expected to be longer than a few days, tenants or owners can begin setting traps beforehand.

  2. Set traps to catch mice

    Set mousetraps in areas where evidence of an infestation is present. For instance, the presence of mice droppings, holes along the bottom of the walls, and torn food packaging in the pantry may indicate a pest infestation. Place the traps in hidden areas, such as behind the stove and refrigerator, and under furnishings in areas where there is evidence of mouse activity. Snap-style and non-lethal traps are two of the most common options chosen to control mice indoors.

  3. Prevent additional mice from entering

    Repair any holes that allow mice to enter the apartment, and eliminate food sources, including dirty dishes, that may attract mice to the home.

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