How Do You Get Rid of Magpies?

rid-magpies Credit: jdqueen/CC-BY-2.0

Remove magpies from an area by ridding the environment of shelter and food. This process requires a saw or loppers and closed pet food containers. Ridding an area of magpies is an ongoing process, requiring vigilance and frequent upkeep of property.

  1. Inspect the area for nests

    Inspect the yard and surrounding areas for nests. Magpies often nest in trees or low brush. If a nest is found, remove it before the magpie has a chance to lay its eggs. Dispose of the nest appropriately to prevent the magpie from reusing it for new nesting material. Inspect the area frequently for attempts to rebuild.

  2. Remove potential nesting locations

    Cut away any brush in which the magpies may hide and build their nests. Trim trees to expose nesting sites.

  3. Cover food and garbage

    Feed pets only the amount they can eat at one time, covering the food after they have consumed their fill. Magpies are attracted by pet food and migrate to areas containing it if there is a steadily available supply. They are also known to pilfer through open garbage cans searching for food. Make sure garbage cans are securely covered, and dispose of garbage in the appropriate facilities frequently to avoid drawing in the birds.