How Do You Get Rid of Maggots?

To get rid of maggots, it is necessary to eliminate anything in the area that attract house flies. For instance, trash bins should be lidded and cleaned regularly to prevent maggots. Remove maggots by treating the area with diatomaceous earth or vinegar, then clean and disinfect the area to prevent a reinfestation. Maggot infestations may require consistent cleaning efforts during warm months.

  1. Remove food sources

    Locate the items that are appealing to house flies, and remove them if possible. Moisture attracts flies, for instance, and should be dried immediately in areas where house flies are present.

  2. Clean the area thoroughly

    Sprinkle enough diatomaceous earth or vinegar to cover the maggots, and allow the mixture to remain for a few hours to kill the maggots. Wash the affected area with soapy water, then disinfect with a solution of 2 cups white vinegar per gallon of hot water.

  3. Prevent maggots in trash bins

    Use a tight fitting lid to cover trash bins, or sprinkle a liberal amount of diatomaceous earth in the bottom of trash cans and recycling bins to prevent the pests from returning. Spread diatomaceous earth in any area of the home or garden where maggots have been found to prevent the pests from returning.