How Do You Get Rid of Lizards Naturally?

Some natural lizard repellents include coffee powder, peacock feathers and onion. If possible, lizards should be left alive and taken back outside.

Lizards are important to the ecosystem. They are insectivores, meaning they eat all kinds of bugs and help to keep the insect population at a manageable level. Despite their usefulness, most people don't want to see these reptiles in their homes.

To repel lizards, homeowners can place an onion slice in the lizard's hiding places. Peacock feathers in vases around the home will keep lizards away, and ground coffee sprinkled under sinks and stoves will keep lizards out.

Another way to get rid of a lizard without harming it is to spray it with ice water. Because a lizard is cold-blooded, the cold water will lower its body temperature enough to make it difficult for it to move. It can then be easily caught and taken outside..