How Do You Get Rid of Lizards?

How Do You Get Rid of Lizards?

Get rid of lizards by making your yard less attractive to them. The time needed to accomplish this varies from a few hours for catching them up to a few months to drive them away. You need bug repellent, an ultra-high frequency emitter, water, hot sauce and cold water.

  1. Eliminate the food source

    Eliminate the food source the lizards need to survive. Lizards only hang around as long as they are getting a steady diet of food. Their diet consists largely of insects. Spray your lawn and garden with bug repellents or insecticides regularly until the lizards seek out a location with a more readily available food source.

  2. Introduce hazards to your yard

    Introduce components to your yard that are hazardous only to lizards. Get an ultra-high frequency emitter, and turn it on. This is too high for humans to hear, but it is painful for lizards. Spray the area with a mixture of water and hot sauce, which naturally repels lizards.

  3. Relocate any remaining lizards

    For those stubborn lizards that stick around despite the lack of food and inhospitable environment, catch them and relocate them. Spray the lizards with extremely cold water, which makes them slow and sluggish. Catch them, and place them in another location.