How Do You Get Rid of Little Black Ants?

To get rid of tiny black ants inside the home, close the ant's entrance to the home and treat the area with an insecticide or natural remedy. Natural remedies for ants include cloves, mint and diatomaceous earth.

If possible, follow the ants to determine where they are entering the home. Seal any cracks or crevices and remove any food sources that are attracting the ants. Pet food, crumbs and water are all potential food sources for ants. Clean garbage disposals with a bleach solution at least twice a week, and toss citrus peels into the disposal often to remove odors that attract insects. A bleach solution should be used to clean the ant trails to remove any pheromones left behind by the insects. Clean with one-fourth cup of bleach per gallon of water until the insects are eliminated.

Ants avoid some scents, including the scent of mint and cloves. Plant peppermint around the infested areas, or sprinkle crushed cloves under windows, around outdoor water faucets and inside kitchen cabinets to deter the pests. Peppermint or clove essential oil can also be diluted and used to treat doors, windows and other areas where the ants may enter the home. Reapply the diluted essential oil daily until the ants are eliminated. Diatomaceous earth can be used as a natural pesticide. Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth in areas that are infested by ants, near doors and the ant's nest.