How Do I Get Rid of Lily Pads in My Pond?

Getting rid of lily pads in a pond is a process that takes a varying amount of time, depending on the severity of the lily pad problem. To get rid of lily pads in your pond, you need dish detergent, an herbicide of your choice, a spray bottle, water and a rake.

  1. Apply a cleaning mixture

    In a spray bottle, mix five drops of dish detergent with warm water. Spray this mixture onto the leaves of the lily pads. This doesn't remove or kill the pads, but it helps make them susceptible to herbicide solutions.

  2. Mix and spray the herbicide solution

    Examine the herbicide you have chosen. Read the aquatic instructions carefully to make sure it is not harmful to fish and other wildlife in the pond. Mix the water and herbicide according to the manufacturer's specifications. Once this is done, spray the lily pads directly with the herbicide. Try not to spray the water or plants surrounding them.

  3. Remove the dead lily pads

    Use a rake to remove any large clumps of lily pads that build up over time on the water. These can cause aesthetic and ecological problems for your pond if they are not cleaned out regularly.