How Do You Rid a Lawn of Moles With Chemicals?

How Do You Rid a Lawn of Moles With Chemicals?

To rid a lawn of moles, find mole tunnels, open and place a chemical-based bait inside mole tunnels, cover the openings, and mark the locations of the bait. Check back daily, and set new bait if needed.

  1. Find mole tunnels, and set the bait

    Find the mole tunnels by looking for raised areas in the lawn. Choose two or three mole tunnels throughout the lawn. Remove a small section of soil to expose the inside of each tunnel. Squeeze half an inch of Warfarin gel into each mole tunnel, and carefully recover the openings with the soil. Keep bait away from your pets.

  2. Mark the locations of the bait

    Place a marker, such as a piece of wood, over the baited areas so the areas can be found again.

  3. Check the bait

    Wait two days, and check the bait to see if it is still there. If the bait has been taken, set out new bait. Recheck every couple of days.

  4. Watch for signs of moles

    Check the lawn for signs of moles. If new tunnels are appearing, new bait should be set in the new tunnels. Continue checking the tunnels and resetting bait until there are no signs of live moles in the lawn.