How Do You Rid Your Lawn of Burrowing Moles?


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Trapping the mole in its tunnel and then removing them, trapping them in coffee cans and setting traps in a mole tunnel and killing them removes moles from yards. Reducing the amount of watering to keep soil dry discourages future moles from moving in a lawn.

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Trapping a mole in its tunnel requires flattening molehills with a shovel, then waiting for the mole to repair the molehill. Plunge two shovels on either side of the molehill to trap the mole, and then dig up the mole and transfer it into a cardboard box. To trap a mole in a coffee can, collapse the opening of a molehill and look for any rebuilt tunnels before digging a pit large enough of a 1-quart coffee can under the opening. Clean a coffee can thoroughly, place the uncovered coffee can in the pit and then conceal it with dirt, newspaper, leaves and small twigs. The mole falls into the coffee can when it attempts to clear the opening.

A mole trap placed into an active tunnel traps and kills moles. Purchase mole traps online or from a local home center. These spring-loaded mole traps can continuously eliminate several moles. Mole traps may be illegal in some states, making it necessary to consult local authorities before using them.

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