How Do You Get Rid of June Bugs?


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Get rid of June bugs by using an insecticide or by building a June bug trap. Additionally, attracting snakes, frogs or other predators of the bugs to the yard helps.

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June bugs, or scarab beetles, often cause damage to the yard and the home garden; however, they can be controlled in a few simple ways. The grubs of the June bug, which often primarily damage the lawn, can be removed by applying an insecticide such as Sevin to the grass. After spraying the insecticide, make sure to water the lawn so the chemicals get all the way into the soil. Alternatively, remove the grubs by treating the lawn with milky spore and/or by placing grub nematodes, which kill the June bug grubs, in the soil. If the June bug grubs are eating plants, apply the insecticide to the plants.

Building a trap is a natural way to get rid of June bugs. Attach a white light to the top of a jar or bucket and put a couple of inches of vegetable oil at the bottom of the container. Leave the container open and the June bugs fly in, getting trapped by the oil. Attracting predators of the June bug, such as frogs, snakes or toads, can also help.

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