How Do I Get Rid of Japanese Beetles in My House?

To get rid of Japanese beetles in the home, seal entryways, prepare your vacuum with a nylon stocking, vacuum up the beetles, and dispose of them. Catch any lingering Japanese beetles in traps, and spray against future infestations with insecticide especially for Japanese beetles.

  1. Seal entryways

    Even before removing the current infestation, prevent further incursion by sealing cracks around doors, windows and outlets. Use a foaming sealant and weather stripping, as appropriate.

  2. Prepare your vacuum cleaner

    Insert a knee-high nylon stocking inside the tip of the vacuum nozzle. Use rubber bands to secure the stocking.

  3. Vacuum up the visible beetles

    Suck up visible beetles in the nylon-tipped vacuum nozzle. Immediately remove the stocking from the nozzle, allowing the rubber band to close the top of the stocking and trapping the beetles inside.

  4. Dispose of the beetles

    Immediately dispose of the beetles. To kill them, either freeze the nylon for several hours or soak them in soapy water. Otherwise, release the Japanese beetles back outside. Vacuum daily during the beetle's season.

  5. Set beetle traps

    If you notice particular areas of re-infestation, set traps with pheromone lures. Place traps away from plants or where pets and children can reach.

  6. Spray against future infestations

    Use an insecticide especially for Japanese beetles. Spray the insecticide on baseboards, window sills, door sills and any other area the beetles use to enter the home.