How do you get rid of ivy ground cover?


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To get rid of ivy groundcover, use garden pruners or shears to cut the stems, and fold the ivy and its roots into a roll. In the spring, watch the cleared area closely, and pull out any roots that were left behind.

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  1. Cut the ivy

    Start in one corner of the area that you want to clear, and cut the stems of the ivy in that spot. Make sure that you cut close to the tops of the first few plants so that you can pull out the roots.

  2. Roll the ivy

    Pull on the stems that you just cut. Because ivy plants have shallow roots, you do not need to pull very hard. Continue to pull on the rest of the plants, going down one side of the area toward the next corner. With the help of another person, roll the ivy plants over themselves. Continue until you have pulled up all of the ivy.

  3. Monitor the cleared area

    Return to the area in the spring, and check for any roots that you may have missed, then pull them out. Work the cleared area with a rototiller and a garden rake to make sure that you have removed all the ivy.

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