How Do I Get Rid of Inchworms?

Apply sticky tree barriers in the yard to help get rid of inchworms. Found in feed stores and home and garden centers, these barriers wrap around the tree and attract the worms before it is time to lay eggs. Any worms that are already in the trees trying to climb down to collect food will also be trapped.

Another method of reducing the inchworm population in a yard is to encourage the presence of predators that feed on inchworms. Put up bird feeders in the yard, and as the birds feed on the worms, they will help to reduce the worm population. If the infestation continues, bacillus thuringiensis can also help kill the worms. Also found in feed stores, the bacteria applied throughout the yard target the worms without harming any other bugs and animals found in the area.

Inchworms can cause serious damage to bushes and trees in a yard. If the worms are not controlled, they can eat up most of the plants and fruits in a garden. There are about 35,000 species of the worms found throughout the world. Inchworms typically eat at night, which can impact how difficult it is to get rid of them.