How Do You Get Rid of Household Fleas?

Remove household fleas by clearing any items on the floor so that you can treat the entire floor, and wash all pet bedding, disposing of any bedding you cannot effectively clean in hot water. Vacuum the floor thoroughly, and discard the vacuum bag by placing it into a sealed plastic bag in the trash. Apply a flea insecticide according to the manufacturer's directions inside the home, and leave it empty for several hours of all pets and people.

Choose an aerosol insecticide spray that you can apply by hand rather than a fogger or bug bomb for maximum effectiveness. Also, pick an insecticide that kills fleas in all life stages. Apply the insecticide along the baseboards, underneath beds, under throw rugs and everywhere that fleas can hide. Give special attention to areas where any pets spend their time. You don't need to treat any tile or hardwood floors as long as you clean and vacuum them thoroughly.

To decrease the drying time, open the windows and turn on any fans to circulate the air within the house. Before applying the insecticide, remove any pet bowls, and cover any fish tanks or terrariums to protect them from exposure. Also, treat any pets for fleas before they enter the newly cleaned home.

Expect to see some adult fleas up to two weeks after you treat your home for fleas. Do not reapply the insecticide. Instead, vacuum all areas of the house thoroughly. If you still see some adult fleas two to four weeks after treatment, you may have to repeat the treatment process.