How Do You Get Rid of House Rats?


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To get rid of rats, seal all entry holes that rats might use to enter the home or other building. Set snap-style rat traps in areas frequented by rats, and continue to empty and reset the traps daily until no signs or sounds of rats are found.

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Getting rid of rats is a difficult task, but it is doable with the right steps, including:

  1. Inspect the home or other structure
  2. Inspect the home or building to discover any entry holes that rats or mice are using to gain entry to the home. Despite their size, rats are very flexible vermin that can fit into holes and openings as small as a half-inch in diameter. Use wire steel mesh to seal these holes, since rats cannot chew through this type of material.

  3. Set snap traps
  4. Set snap-style rat traps in areas frequented by rats, such as the attic. Be careful when setting the traps to ensure they are not in areas where pets live.

  5. Empty and reset traps
  6. Empty the traps daily, disposing of dead rats properly and resetting the traps as needed. Continue this regimen daily until signs of rats, such as droppings, and sounds of rats, such as scurrying at night, are gone.

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