How do you get rid of a hornet's nest?


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A hornet's nest can be dealt with and removed by flattening its surface or by spraying it with wasp or hornet spray. Hornets are aggressive and dangerous creatures despite their small size and it is best that the nest be left alone as long as the insects do not pose any danger to anyone. One can simply give the nest a wide berth to avoid encountering any hornets.

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The following shows two ways of dealing with a hornet's nest.

Smash it

If the size of the nest is smaller than a tennis ball and it appeared in the early spring, the nest is just in its early stages and it can be removed safely. Use a large brick and heavy object such as a brick to flatten its surface. Do not fiddle with the nest after doing so.

Spray the nest

For larger nests, mark the area around the nest and advise family members not to go near it. Purchase a pressurized spray that is especially designed to eliminate wasps or hornets. The nest should be sprayed at nighttime at around 9 to 10 in the evening when the insects are asleep. Use a flashlight with a red filter to locate the nest in the dark because hornets cannot see the color red. Spray the nest thoroughly for at least 10 seconds before quickly moving away from it. Avoid approaching the area for at least 24 hours. The nest may then be removed after making sure that there no longer is any hornet activity.

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