How Do You Get Rid of Hobo Spiders?

How Do You Get Rid of Hobo Spiders?

To rid your home of hobo spiders, seal up any cracks and holes in windows, walls and doors in your home, and repair any damaged window screens. Eliminate any hiding spaces in your home by keeping your home clean of excess clutter, especially on floors where hobo spiders like to crawl. Set sticky traps in dark corners of the home. If all else fails, call a pest control company to handle the situation.

  1. Seal up holes where spiders can get in

    Look around the interior and exterior of your home for any large cracks in the walls, spaces underneath exterior doors and cracks in floorboards. Use a sealant, such as epoxy, to seal cracks or holes. Add weather stripping to doors that have space underneath for a tight seal, and replace any damaged screens on windows. Use wood filler for spaces in between floorboards.

  2. Eliminate clutter on the floor

    Hobo spiders stay close to the ground and like to hide and build webs in clutter left on the floor. Pick up any piles of clothes, books or trinkets you may have on the floor. Sweep around corners and underneath furniture daily. Move mulch, firewood and clutter away from the exterior of your home as well.

  3. Keep your home clean

    Keep your home clean to avoid attracting other pests to which hobo spiders are attracted. Wash dishes immediately, and wipe down counters and sinks of any food residue. Use a handheld vacuum to remove any spider webs you find around the home.

  4. Set traps, and contact pest control

    If the situation is serious, set sticky traps in dark areas, including closets and corners in your basement. Contact a professional pest control company if you cannot get the situation under control in a few weeks. Pest control companies can use professional-grade insecticide to eliminate the spiders.