How Do You Get Rid of High Humidity in the House?


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To get rid of high humidity in a home, increase the ventilation and add a dehumidifier. Confirming the indoor humidity levels before you begin helps to understand the severity of the problem.

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  1. Confirm the indoor humidity levels

    Check the humidity levels in your house. Use an indoor humidity meter to compare the indoor and outdoor humidity levels. These meters ask you to enter your location and current thermostat setting, then draw on moment-to-moment temperature and humidity levels to provide a reading.

  2. Increase ventilation

    Open your windows if the indoor humidity levels are higher than those outside. Add fans to help create air movement, which lowers humidity. Create cross-circulation by opening windows and setting up fans on opposite sides of the house. Turn on vent fans in the kitchen and shower. Run your air conditioner, which pulls humidity out of the air as it cools. If the home is already excessively cool, run the air conditioner fan.

  3. Add a dehumidifier

    Add a dehumidifier to your home. Dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air and convert it to water. Make sure you empty the collection pan regularly so the unit continues to work correctly and to prevent build-up of mold in the machine. If possible, connect your dehumidifier to an existing drain. If excessive humidity is a recurring problem in your home, consider having a dehumidifier added as part of your air conditioning system.

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