How to Get Rid of Gypsy Moths?

rid-gypsy-moths Credit: jimpic/CC-BY-2.0

To get rid of gypsy moths, create a trap on a tree trunk to capture them. For some gypsy moth populations, it may be necessary to use a chemical insecticide. The amount of time required varies according to the infestation.

  1. Apply a commercial insecticide

    Beginning at the start of May and continuing until the middle of the month, apply a commercial insecticide as directed on the manufacturer's label. This should be done after the eggs have hatched, and the larvae have started feeding.

  2. Create a shelter to corral gypsy moths

    Wrap infested tree trunks with a piece of fabric, such as burlap that is between 14 and 18 inches wide. Place string around the middle of the fabric at chest height and tie it. Fold the top of the fabric over to the bottom, creating a shelter. This overhang can be used to herd caterpillars together as they climb down the tree after feeding.

  3. Monitor progress and kill the gypsy moths

    During the first week of July, check the trap on a daily basis. Destroy the gypsy moths as they are found. If the infestation persists when the males are able to fly, this method may not be as effective.