How Do You Get Rid of Groundhogs in Your Garden?


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To get rid of groundhogs, frighten them away with motion devices or simply use live traps as they exit their burrows. Alternatively, pouring ammonia solution in their holes keeps groundhogs away from your garden. Controlling them with fencing is also effective when the wire fence is raised and supplemented with an electric wire. Be sure to check for restrictions in your area before tackling your groundhog problem.

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  1. Frighten the groundhogs with motion devices

    Install devices such as pinwheels and vibrators to frighten groundhogs away from your garden. Groundhogs are timid and easily bothered by motion. One can also use repellents to discourage them.

  2. Pour ammonia solution in the hole

    Pour ammonia solution in the burrow or hole where the groundhog lives. Ensure the solution flows deep into the hole to reach where the groundhog hides.

  3. Set a cage or live trap

    Purchase or obtain a live cage trap to get rid of groundhogs. Place planks of wood to direct the groundhog to a route where the trap has been set. Put bananas, apples or fresh vegetables such as lettuce or broccoli on the path and inside the trap to attract the animal. In the case of a live trap, relocate the captured groundhog to a safe area. Lethal trappings and removals are sometimes as effective as live trappings.

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