How Do You Get Rid of Ground Moles?


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To get rid of ground moles, identify the active tunnels, dig pits beneath the holes, insert camouflaged coffee cans, check the cans frequently, and relocate trapped moles to a distant area. This process takes several days and requires a shovel, coffee cans, twigs, leaves and heavy gloves.

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  1. Identify the active tunnels

    Walk through the property, and look for mole holes. When you find a hole, stomp on it to collapse the entrance. On the following day, inspect the holes. Those that have been repaired are the active tunnels.

  2. Make the traps

    Wash and dry one large empty coffee can for each active hole.

  3. Dig the holes

    Use a shovel to dig a hole beneath the entrance to each active mole tunnel. Put on heavy gloves, nestle a coffee can in each hole, and cover it with twigs and leaves.

  4. Check the traps

    Check the traps several times a day. When you find a trapped mole, put on heavy gloves, extract the coffee can from the ground, carry it away from the property, and release the mole in a field or other safe area. Do not touch the mole.

  5. Monitor the holes

    After several days, remove the traps, and stomp on the holes. Check them on the following morning, and replace the traps near any holes that are still active. Repeat this process until the property has no active mole tunnels.

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