How Do You Get Rid of Ground Bees?

Getting rid of ground nesting bees involves pouring water over the nests. Also called miner bees, ground nesting bees are docile and rarely sting people. The nest of miner bees often appears in spring time, and while they are relatively docile, their presence may disrupt outdoor activities, which is why some people would rather eliminate them from their lawns or backyards.

Ground nesting bees are solitary bees with even the queen living alone, tending to her young by herself. These bees prefer to build their underground galleries in sun-exposed areas, which is why their nests are often built close to one another. Just like most other bee species, ground nesting bees forage for nectar, which makes them efficient pollinators.

These bees prefer their nests to be dry, which is why sprinkling or pouring water over the nests is enough to make them leave and build nests elsewhere. It is important, however, to establish that the ground-dwelling insect is indeed a miner bee and not a yellow jacket, another insect species known to build nests on the ground. Yellow jackets respond aggressively when their nests are disturbed.

The holes created by ground nesting bees are only a quarter of an inch in diameter compared to a larger hole in the case of yellow jacket nests. The nests of yellow jackets will also have a steady stream of insects entering and exiting, as opposed to a solitary insect in miner bee nests.