How Do You Get Rid of Grease Stains?

Get rid of grease stains by blotting away all excess grease and applying cleaning fluid or a dry-cleaning solvent to the stained area. Use a brush to loosen the stain, and then wash the area with water.

  1. Remove excess grease

    Blot out excessive grease as soon as possible. Apply an absorbent, such as baby powder, to the stained area. Rub the absorbent in. Let the absorbent soak up the excess oil.

  2. Apply the cleaning fluid

    Apply a dry-cleaning solvent or a cleaning fluid directly on the stain. If the stain still remains, dampen an absorbent pad with dry spotter, and apply it to the area. Leave the pad in place until the stain fades.

  3. Loosen the stain

    Use a brush to remove stains from durable fabric. Apply light strokes from the brush to loosen the stain. Blot and remove loosened material.

  4. Reapply the dry-cleaning solvent

    Drench the stain with a liquid dry-cleaning solvent.

  5. Remove remaining traces of the stain

    Soak a sponge with water. Apply a few drops of ammonia and a wet spotter to the sponge. Cover any remaining traces of the stain with the sponge. Use a brush to further loosen the stain. Blot the area with an absorbent pad.

  6. Wash the stain

    Rinse the stain with water. Continue to rinse until the stain is gone. Allow the fabric dry.