How Do You Get Rid of Grasshoppers?


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To get rid of grasshoppers, create grassy strips devoid of benefits, and then use insecticide, bait or spray. Grasshoppers are frustrating pests for many homeowners because they will devour plant leaves, ruining farmer's fields as well as homeowner's gardens.

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    There are many species of grasshoppers, but all of them have the ability to jump quickly and quite high, making it easier for them to avoid obstacles designed to keep them away from plants. These steps will help remove grasshoppers from undesired areas.
  1. Create grassy strips devoid of benefits
  2. One thing that can be done immediately to help keep grasshoppers away is to create a grassy strip devoid of benefits. Grasshoppers stay in places where there is ample shelter and plenty of food. Mow the lawn in large vertical patches around the farm or the garden so that there is little shelter (the grass blades are too low). Since the area has been freshly mowed, there will not be much food either.

  3. Use insecticide
  4. Insecticide will also eliminate unwanted grasshoppers. Not all insecticides are good for plants and crops so it is important that the insecticide is checked before use to ensure it is safe for the crops and garden plants being treated.

  5. Use bait or spray
  6. Use bait or spray to control grasshopper populations. The sprays and bait should be aimed at the areas where the grasshoppers have laid their eggs for the best results. Some baits and sprays contain insecticide while others are made of natural ingredients. The choice on which to use is best determined by where is will be applied.

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