How Do You Get Rid of Grass Burs?

To get rid of grass burs, maintain a healthy, well-watered lawn, pull the burs whenever they are sighted in the lawn and apply high-quality herbicides to kill the weeds. Grass burs, also called sticker burs and sand burs, are weeds that invade weak lawns and produce sharp burs that pierce skin and stick to clothing.

Grass burs are common in the Southern United States, but can be found all over the country.

  1. Maintain a healthy lawn
  2. Mow grass frequently to prevent overgrowth. Water it on a regular basis so the turf stays hydrated. Healthy lawns "crowd out" grass burs, making the grass inhospitable to weeds. St. Augustine grass is the most useful lawn for preventing grass burs, but healthy Bermuda grass can also be seeded successfully if proper maintenance is applied.
  3. Pull grass burs
  4. Another way to get rid of grass burs is to pull them whenever they are seen in the lawn. They are recognizable by their small, spine-covered burs, which can grow up to 6.3 millimeters wide. Dispose of the burs after pulling them so they cannot take root and spread again.
  5. Apply herbicides
  6. Spray herbicides in liquid form are the most effective against grass burs. Dry herbicides are not as effective, but they can be used when there is no alternative. Apply herbicides before the seeds are able to sprout or after weeds are sighted in the lawn.