How Do You Get Rid of Ghost Ants?

The most effective way to get rid of ghost ants is to locate the nesting sites and use non-repellent insecticide sprays and ant baits. Because ghost ants tend to forage in random patterns, the nesting sites can be difficult to locate. Once the colonies are found, the process of removing ghost ants takes anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks.

  1. Inspect areas that may attract ghost ants

    Look for places outside where ghost ants may have nests, including rocks, piles of firewood and dark corners. Ghost ants tend to be attracted to sweets, so they may also be found near sugar, candy and other sweet foods.

  2. Spray colonies with non-repellent insecticide

    Drench each colony with a residual, non-repellent spray. It is important to avoid repellent sprays because they cause ghost ant queens to lay more eggs, increasing the amount of colonies and the number of ants in each colony.

  3. Use ant bait

    If the ghost ant colonies cannot be found, use outdoor liquid ant bait. Since ghost ants are attracted to sweets, the most effective ant baits are sweet ones. Place the bait in the same location with each use to ensure the ants continually come back to get the bait.