How Do You Get Rid of Geese?


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Remove geese from an area by changing the habitat of the area or employing physical deterrents to prevent the birds from roosting or grazing. Planting certain varieties of grass or other plants that geese dislike can discourage them from sticking around for long.

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In areas in which the birds come in direct contact with the public, preventing the feeding of the animals using signs or flyers to educate others about the issue can help keep the animals from associating an area with an easy source of food. Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite for grazing birds, while tall fescue, common periwinkle, English ivy and Japanese pachysandra are less palatable. Exclusion, or using fencing and wiring to keep the birds out, can be the most effective method, though fencing can be expensive. The flagging method involves placing Mylar tape on poles or stakes near the water, causing wind to create fluttering sounds and other noises that can irritate geese lounging near the shoreline.

Effigies, such as owl decoys or coyote cut-outs, can also scare these animals from an area, though maintenance is required to move these around. Geese are intelligent enough to learn what devices in use are actually threatening. Trained dogs are very effective in chasing off geese, though during molting season when the animals cannot fly, canines should not be used. Some pesticides, such as methyl anthranilate or anthraquinone, can be used to treat grasses to dissuade geese from eating, though they require permits to purchase and handle.

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