How Do You Get Rid of Geckos?

You can get rid of geckos in just a few steps. Geckos are nocturnal, lizard-like creatures that eat insects and spiders, which reduces the number of insects in the house. You need bug spray and glue traps.

  1. Remove the majority of insects in the house and yard

    Since insects and spiders are the geckos' source of food, remove them to drive geckos away. This can be done with bug spray. Spray the bug spray around areas where you see insects. Remove food that could attract insects. Spray the bug spray around doors and windows periodically to keep the insects from returning.

  2. Set out traps to capture geckos

    Place glue traps around various areas of the house. Geckos get stuck on these traps if they run across them. They can be safely removed and released outside, if they are seen in time.

  3. Stop the geckos from entering the house

    Geckos are entering the house in a particular location. Plug any cracks and holes to prevent them from entering. Common locations include cracks under doorways and windows. Check for holes and immediately fill any that you find.

  4. Lower the temperature of the house

    Geckos prefer warm, humid areas. Lower the thermostat at night to prevent geckos from trying to enter the house when it is cool outside.